7 Foot 8 Foot

Album: Hurricane Of Diamonds

Year: 2018


Six Foot
Seven Foot
Eight Foot

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Excuse my charisma like an escaped prisoner
Hoes got me in some hot pursuit cause I can shoot my jizzma like a fire hose
I suppose my gun was shine as mine
Proof I'm the truth groups of hoes love my stigma
I'm (?) gone with my ninja (?) enigma
Fuck they neden holes with my action figure
Dre and Snoop stop the coupe and your toupee is flenching with my froze on my toes
King of Pop holes hit ya
Life is shit as fire blow your brains out Ozzy
Jump out the lights into the pit kamikaze
Suck on a grenade pop until your top splatter
Serve it at your funeral appetizer platter
Headbutt a brick wall until your skull shatter
Let a whore sit on your face 400 pounds or fatter
Don't matter
Fuck your step sister pussy drama
Hit the church of Scientology a suicide bomber
I'll be the first to admit it gets worse
I'm a sex addict that'll stab your daughter, sister or your Momma
Haha or neice, cousins, auntie, Grandma I'm going back in ok
I lost my mind its somewhere out there missing
Seen an elephant and a chipmunk fucking and tongue kissing
Its that statutory do your funk fizzle

I ain't dissing
Use to have rock guitars but no they Bobby Marls' missing

Didn't make it fell underneath no heart to show us

And downgrade they record companies like retards
Talking to myself

Want some cheese on your ass burger
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