Black Blizzard

Album: Hurricane Of Diamonds

Year: 2018


[Verse 1: Violent J]
Glass of water on your nightstand vibrates rattling your window pane
Wind blows no rain
Moon glows
Fast clouds above
Yeah something this way comes and I doubt it loves ya
Feels like something heartless out in the darkness
Plays sound breakin' it down, shakin' your carcass
This park is not recommended for minors
Only flat-liners come find us within a Black Blizzard

Black Blizzard
(A tornado of hurt a hurricane of pain)
Black Blizzard
It's too bad you're here but we're glad you came
Don't fuck this up it's your only try
Black Blizzard
It's too bad you're here but we're glad you came

[Verse 2: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Make way make say in it's way through the valleys
The caravan kickin' up years of sand
Bear witness bet that goes beyond imagination
Your soul sucked out of your mouth, no salvation
Patience is virtue when trepidation
Lacerations will hurt you this ain't vacation
It's validation to murk you, your situation's wrecked
Cremation and damnation within the Black Blizzard


[Verse 3: Violent J]
Frequency drops lower, the pitch falls
Dark carnival approaches, the whitch calls
As the elephants stomp and the wagons roll
Dust goes airborne, raise the the hatchet flag poles

[Verse 4: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Woo, pah, she em' what we do, bang bang
Put your skull out your ear hole like dang man
Great Milenko waves his wand glitter sprinkle
Life on the brink, fucking sinking what he think they gonna black blizzard

[Hook] x2

The Great Milenko...milenko...milenko...milenko
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