Juggalo Love Psypher

Album: Hurricane Of Diamonds

Year: 2018


[Verse 1: Lyte]
One fucking question: tell me, where my Juggalos at
This life is a blessing thank God that I chose rap
Wicked clowns in your town know that the shows packed
Down 'til I'm in the ground everybody knows that

Fill 'em when I get it
So you better get the medic
I'm about to blow motherfuckers wig back - dig that
Breaking ya bones like a twig- crack
Put it in the box like a Big Mac run and tell the pigs that
I said "Fuck the police til I'm dead!"
At least I'm a beast in my head
I'm violent
Cause a riot, now bye Fed!

Stress took away 'cause I got it down dead rook
Know that I'm fresh loose
Higher and higher and this flow she die for
And I know this hydro that I blow is fire
Just like a pyro, so check out my bio
I'm horned like a rhino and women admire

Young lizzle, hotter than the sun (sizzle), bout to do my thug dizzle
Blow up like scud missle
Psychopathic hearthrob
Heart guy- I could make a tongue drizzle
Thats official. Professional juggalo prolo
Fuck on my demons its a no-no
Respect that logo

This show, ho, what I stand fo'
Psychopathic breakers my fam-o
Better watch, I'm about to eat ammo
Cause I am the Juggalo Rambo
Underground down, like a manhole
The mainstream cannot handle
I got shit for brains, I'm switching lanes
With the hatchet man sticker on the fambo

Car full of ho's
Get swiped like barcodes
Bottle full of narcos
Up on the cieling at Harpos
Only at our shows
I'm a rockstar slash monstar
I know I'm goin' fuckin' high star
I got a show to wreck, psychopathic soul to check
Your city I'mma bop hard

Then I stun a motherfucker, you ain't even gotta wonder
I'mma hit you with that thunder
I'm Godzilla!
Fuck you, my squadrilla
Deep past that mob killa

Voodoo, Clay, Shagz, J, Lyte and that ninja Ouija
Its all over, never weepy
Say at the door when you see me
Fuck the TV, the radio, this only for a select few
The only way I'll ever bury this hatchet is deep in your neck when I


[Verse 2: Violent J]
Throw up ya sign
Blow up your nine
Paw, pap, click, pop!
Skull, cap, spit, slop!
Fall back, click, chop!
All that, slick, pop!
Draw, gat, kick, drop!
Jaw, jack, get shot!
Sword play and quick stomp!

It seems the demon lives deep inside of me
Crying inside to
Kill kill kill!
Deep in my heart
'Cause its got a deep part
Please, I oughta be promising that I oughta be killed

Throbbing my arteries
Always it startles me
Sure to be murder and
Kill kill kill!

Gotta be outta me
Shocker, lobotomy!
I can't take this side of me
I wanna be [Demonic wheeze]

Well see, its Juggalo love
If you're not a Juggalo
And you got a lotta bullshit
A whole lotta ho shit
Nobody know that ya owe shit
I know a whole lotta old shit
Got a whole lot of bullshit

Kinda wanna throw shit
Kinda wanna throat slit
Kinda wanna go get a 4'5th and hold it
Load it
Run up in silo and explode it
Down the road into a Benny (?) and unload it

Oh shit - you so lit
Blow shit in half and laugh - They don't know shit!
Smoke shit, go kid
Full clip, a wall of glass, you broke it! Dope shit!
Hocus pocus, need to focus- no, don't blow this please!
Triggers squeezing, chokin', on these enemies croaking, bleeding, soaking!

Greedy wiper, we be tokin'
Screaming "heed the viper!"
In deep and the occupied and hyper
Need a butt fails to go been a sniper
Who proceeded to open fire - BLAOW!
Now you need a diper!
If you really think the fam' ain't right for you
Then bleed as this damn Psypher do!

We fat chicks, hicks, black kids, clits
Psychics, bikers, dykers, fags
Slackers, crackers, junkies, druggies
Thugs, scrubs, rubber necks and hacks
Slugs, hackers, bums, lackers
Winners, sinners, tweekers, drag queens
Richies, bitches, geezers, giddies
Jerks, ex-birds, fats, flirts and gypsies!

But with ADD, HIV, Pepsi, epilepsy, asthma, stress and sex
Arthiritis, meningitis, crones, herpes, scabies and bitch tits
We movers, shakers, plumbers, painters, undertakers, pizza makers
Lumberjacks, nuns for crack, some get slapped and stumble back!

But we real to each other
(Buss 'em up, buss 'em up, slug 'em up, slug 'em up, fuck 'em up, fuck 'em up)
And we die for each other!
(Gag 'em up, gag 'em up, slug 'em up, slug 'em up, back 'em up, back 'em up)

Ride 'em out (Ride 'em out)
Take 'em out (Take 'em out)
Drag 'em out (Drag 'em out)
Break it out (Break it out)
Chop it up (Chop it up)
Risk takes!
Lop it up, drop it in fish snacks!


[Verse 3: Big Hoodoo]
My flows paint a portrait
Vividly, heaven's gate
My homeboys is insane literally Leather Face
I spit pure cocaine let it mentally resonate
It starts to sink in watch you physically levitate
Juggalo love and its universal
My styles authentic and my words are hurtful
Truth when I give it, no gimmic, raw with it , all in it, y'all get it
Real fucking with the fama'!

Just cocaine and gang load of ammo is all I keep on me
Please don't sleep on me
Undergroung overlord combat is my sport, front line in a war then when your ready for it
I'm rolling deep with fam, loading up the yeapa
Niggas cover up when the Reaper start yelling like Chewbacca
Hoodoo suited up and dressed to kill I ain't nothing but a mobster

I go hard fo' the juggalo nation
Spit in the face of anyone who want to say somethin' otherwise
Ride high when I fly by with my guys
All to so hell 'boutta break loose
Show you how to make moves like a double O G from the hood
Low key everybody know me I've been getting my grind on
Detroit hit my bat with me before I signed on
I've got the whole city down ready to ride on
Juggalo love everybody can vibe on (vibe on)


[Verse 4: Shaggy 2 Dope]
It's juggalo love because that shit lasts
Every other love was shut off
You disagree? Well, fuck your bitch ass
You can fuck the fucking fuck the fuck off
You lick balls and it get soft
Ill sock your whole head bald- wig off
Rock your lid off, get head tossed get lost get kick in your lip gloss

I'll take the hit to the halls that I ripped off
When a bitch made my balls in a quick wash
With a dick payed raw, so I lipped off
Switchblade to his jaw, made his shit fall
I dipped in his rip and zipped off
I kick balls and slit pussy lip walls
You told me to get lost, 'cause I get sauce
And fuck this girl in the butt 'til my dick soft
She like dick sauce, her clit's soft, man!
So she get tossed, then shit can
Try to beat it up and lost 'cause the chick bossed
Left in my drawers backwards, criss cross!
Get the wig wash, to a stick clause
Dope, black, fat, Rick Ross!
My shit (?), big costs
So cold on a room my shit frosts

Straight to the chop chop
Nope, never got pop
Juggalo love move anything you got
My brother (?)
Juggalo love everytime you hear the beat pound
Everyday we put our feet down to the street sound
From Guantanamo Bay to Greek town
Its Juggalo love but it won't turn your freak down!


[Verse 5: Ouija Macc]
Ay hold up
Coming up in the bitch swangin'
Leaving ya fucking head rangin'
Hey wait
Hatchet man hangin'
All on my neck and that motherfuccer blangin'
Pull up or shut the fucc up cause you know that you busters ain't finna do nothing
Couple of holes in your face and I'm lighting your fuckin' ass up like a pumpkin
Can't believe that is a vegetable and you are no longer able to function
Kicking that baby spit I wonder who dick you've been sucking
Thinking its gravy bitch I got that biscuit and I'm dunking (boom)
Bunch of killers in the function
Pile of haters in the dungeon
Homie shit we bout to crush em'
You fucking stupid if you thought we wasn't
Lyte with me bout to rush em'
Kill em' all end of discussion
Suckers claiming what they ain't
Leave em' dripping like some paint
I ain't even gotta rap
I was waiting for the shank
Taking wicked shit back
Y'all been making that shit fake
Sneak dissing little bitches we ain't even in debate
Pop off and get knocked off ya nose chopped off in yo face
Hop off in that moth coffin get you bra off of me bitch
Who in the fuck did you thought it was living the bottom of every murderer
Ouija the goblin the demon the gurgalar thought they were burglar they never heard of her
Creature like me I'm unheard of
Jump on a track like a hurdler
Foreign bitch in a chopper
Sin city baby burn it up
They found a third of the bitch that I killed in the woods but they never discovered the cabin
I got your bitch in a cabin
She off a bean and she laughing
Next thing she blowing my phone up
Asking me what the fucc happened
Sorry fell off of the wagon
Raiding into the medicine cabinet
Comet with a come up bullshit but I'm crushing any fucking thinking they fronting me
My moment has arrived
Duck and I slide
Juggalo love on my side
That shit ain't ever gon' die
Run up on me and my posse we gon' see whats poppin' when I let my chopper decide
Bullets collide
Crumble your skeleton bloody to jelly tin
Who wanna die
Better hope all y'all hear this shit
Ouija Macc came here to peel this shit
Never been shot but I drilled this shit
Zip the body bag up when I kill this shit
For the knockoff brand trying to steal that shit
For the mainstream trying to conceal that shit
Frontin' on me you a stale ass bitch
You gonna ask yourself why you did that shit
No implants this some real ass shit
The whole gang in the game bout to spill this shit
People in the back won't miss this shit like the blind dude braile you can feel this shit
Sure we need some barbed-wire to rip this shit
Fatality mode let me finish it
Never forget who the family is and the place you discovered the wicked shit


[Everyone - Outro]
I just wanna celebrate (Cause Juggalos don't die!)
I just wanna celebrate (Cause we '17'in!)
I just wanna celebrate (Cause Juggalos don't die!)
I just wanna celebrate (Yeah, motherfucker!)

[Violent J]
Ay, we better than glitter
Quit pressing albums up, you shouldn't litter!
Yeah, straight wicked shit spinners
Juggalo for life, no quitters!

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