Album: Fearless Fred Fury

Year: 2019


Pride, Dignity, and an appreciation for life.
Do you posses these trades,
or do you let others walk all over you?
Do you cry and complain about the conditions of your very exsistance?
If so, there are some who are angered by your constant lack of self respect,
your low motivation, and your missing drive to make the most of your beating heart.
Who out there feels this way about you?
The dead. Those without opportunity, who's time has been spent.
The dead cry foul, and they're pointing at you.
They are not alone, there is a powerful being from the Dark Carnival.
His fury towards you is measured by your own lack of self respect.
His fast approaching fist will be among the first things you see when your dead.
His pet rat Flip feeds only off the fear instilled within you by Red Fred.
Fighter for the dead.
He is... Fearless... Fred... Fury

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