This Halloween Is Crazy

Album: Hallowicked 2010

Year: 2010


[Verse 1:]
Spooky, spooky - shock wave!
Insane Clowns here to rock your grave
It's Halloween in the city and it's raining pumpkins
Smashing on cars, splatting, thumping
What the hell is going on? Everybody run!
A pumpkin hit me in the melon but I'm having fun
I made a dummy for the front porch, sat him in the chair
Turned around and it was gone like it booked up outta here
I gave a little kid a little Heath
He locked onto my arm with red eyes and fang ass teeth
I kicked him off me, he laughed and flew away
But it's Halloween nothing's gonna ruin my day

Every year, ghost's come through the mirror but
This Halloween is crazy!
Something wicked's in the air, more than any other year
Every year there's scary howls from wolves and owls but
This Halloween is crazy!
Something wicked's in the air, more than any other year, I feel it!

[Verse 2:]
Spooky, spooky - I'm scared and wired
A bat flew into my living room and turned into a vampire
Ugh, we smoked a bowl of that fire
On Halloween, a night we all admire!
Everybody's being spooky and shit so I hid
Figured I'd jump out and scare a little kid
I did it, I tried the mean ass gag
But she was strapped with a stun gun and fried my bean bag


[Verse 3:]
From high in the night sky pumpkins fall
And don't nobody seem to give a fuck at all
They get blasted, get back up and keep trick-or-treating
Pumpkin rain is brutal, these kids could take a beating
Zombies crawling up out of the mud
Three headed thugs, fists covered in blood
I seen a witch fly by on a broom
Pointing and laughing at me, smacked into a tree (boom!)
I'm almost out of candy, the doorbell rang
But nobody was there, then it happened again
I went out and up the back and watched from the roof
It was the dummy I made (what?!) and now I have proof
He's alive, I suicide dive on his ass
And now they duking it out, rolling round on the grass
Everybody gathered around us, under the moonlight
And all chanted these words as they watched the fight
They said...

Spooky, spooky, let's all get stupid
This Halloween is crazy!
(This Halloween is crazy!)

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