Nuttin' But A Bitch Thang

Album: The Pendulum 06

Year: 2000


(Skit with Dre and Eminem)
Now a days everybody wanna talk,
like they got somin to say
but nothing comes out when the move they lips,
it's just a bunch of jibberish
and motherfuckers act like eminem aint gay
everybody forgot
what happened?
em--what up dre?
em--it's all about dre, it's all about dre
dre--Compton's in the house
em--yeah,that's right Compton is in the house
dre--come here and pull down your panties you little bitch
em--hold up dog, go easy on me and shit you ripped my asshole last time
dre--come and get some of this Compton dick
em--OK let me take off this white shirt so you can see my bird-chest
dre--you want to be famous, then spread that bitch ass
em--it's all about dre
dre--yeah, Compton
em--you're hurting me dog, your ripping my asshole dog, wait a second,
em--don't bust, ahh dog
dre--take all of this Compton dick
em--hold on, don't bust, do it on my lip like a milk ad
dre--Compton's in that ass
em--it's all about dre X2
dre--you want to be famous you little bitch
em--ahh, don't tell kim dog, it;s all about dre
dre--ok now get the fuck outta here
em--ahh shit


Bitch boy mothefucker
you might have them eleven year old groupies believing your shit but you aint
foolin nobody bitch
you a motherfucking bitch
you can suck my dick
you aint never shot at us with no paint balls
matter of fact you can come these painted balls motherfucker
come get these juggalo painted balls bitch
you aint never chased us out of no club bitch
the only club you ever chased anybody out of was a gay bar bitch
straight out of warren?, bitch you a chump, sucking so much dick your fucking
lip smokes
with your silly ass pretty boy rap
mean muggin and thuggin, sitting on dre's lap
pull a gat out my car no bullets or nothing
you shake it, stole it, nervous, frovolus?
scared to death, screaming for help,so damn shook you almost shot yourself
a radio thug with your prepie smile, got everybody high within a 35 mile
telling us we fake, little faggot, bet, I'm gonna knock your teeth out the back
of your neck
you might have little girls crying and shit
but the Detroit thugs aint but your shit
run your ass back to Dr. dre and open your butt
little groupie ass boy get fucked!

Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch X2
Eminem aint nutting but a bitch, sissy ass pretty ole bitch

wait a minute, don't run
what's up with that
I'm just trying to give you this $300.00 bucks back
that you gave to Twiztid, so you can open they show
you little pussy ass hoe
look at us dog, who put us on the map
3 plat, 2 gold and we still like that
we did it alone, without a D-R-E
but he known that you could fuck like a pussy
husband, tell me where she's at
everybody be fucking that bitch you don't see that
I know 3 people she fucked on you, up at hot rocks she be fucking bitches too!
you told the world you gonna kill the slut
then you're on TV lickin her butt
careful you'll probably gonna taste my nut, cause I've be fucking that bitch
raw like what

Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch X2
Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch
preppie ass tennie bob bitch

I remember your ass, St. Andrew's hall
handing out flyers:
come one, come all, come to my show
I looked at it, what?
right there Insane Clown Posse might show up
what the fuck kind of rapper could be that lame
the only way to draw people is to use our name
I could of just fucked you up right there
but I let it pass, i felt bad for your bitch ass
everytime I met you your sucking dick, now your on the pop charts sucking dick
you'll be sucking dick for eternity, look at your mouth, it look like a pussy
I know that slim anus got to you, yeah only becasue it was so damn true
when I think of your daughter, it makes me sad
she got a whore for a momma, and a bitch ass dad

Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch X2
Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch
top 40 pussy rap bitch

Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch X2
Eminem aint nuttin but a bitch
mainstream prettyboy bitch

sucker ass motherfucker, hitler ass haircut, bitch ass motherfucker, boy band
ass, top 40 (fade out)

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