First European Tour

Date: May 12 - May 31, 1998

Place: Europe

Tickets: unknown

Performances: Myzery, Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse

This was ICP's first European concert tour. The tour started right after Violent J's panic attack and his three days in a Michigan mental health program. In Behind The Paint, Violent J said he took Myzery and Twiztid on this tour but I found no more info about that to confirm it.

The shows in France were cancelled due to not enough juggalos were comming to the shows.
(Thanks to Juggalo France for the info)


Date Place  
12/05/1998 Élisée Montmartre, Paris, France CANCELLED
16/05/1998 Bradford Rio's - Bradford, UK  
17/05/1998 Astoria 2 - London, UK  
18/05/1998 Glasgow Garage - Glasgow, UK  
19/05/1998 Sheffield University - Sheffield, UK  
20/05/1998 JB's Dudley - Dudley, UK  
25/05/1998 Strasbourg, France CANCELLED
29/05/1998 Dynamo Open Air - Kunstijsbaan - Eindhoven, Netherlands  
31/05/1998 Rock-Am-Ring - Nürburgring - Nürburg, Germany  


No setlist available.

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