Bizzar Bizaar Tour

Date: November 29, 2000 - June 10, 2001

Place: random

Tickets: $22

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Nashville Pussy, Suicidal Tendencies , Chuck D's Confrontation Camp, Marz, Insolence, Blaze

This tour went on forever, with three legs. The first leg features Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies. Neither band fared too well, especially Nashville Pussy who found themselves on the recieving end of boos and thrown objects the entire time. The 2nd leg was Insolence and Marz and for the third leg, Insolence was replaced by Psychopathic's own, Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

The tour also started a trend of people having cloth/sticker passes for backstage entry. These were only good for one show, the one stamped on the bottom obviously, and I suppose they were probably used for local people, as to not allow passes to float around for the entire tour.

The fan-minded ICP have established January 12th as "Ray Day," a chance for their Juggalos to lay seige upon record stores and spread the Dark Carnival by buying both albums and using them to convert new fans. "Give them away to somebody you think will possibly become a Juggalo, and you will have done your part," Violent J wrote in a Web post. J also notified fans that if they bring in a receipt showing that they purchased both albums on Ray Day to an ICP show, they will receive "an EXCLUSIVE prize!" "Remember you have to bring the receipt to the merchandise people to get your prize," J wrote. "The people at the front door will probably have no idea what your [sic] talking about. Believe me, ninjas, this special prize ain't no fuckin' sticker or something like that, it's way, way, way worth the effort." The special prize was just a cd-rom of the shaggy shows and trivia game from the gathering of the juggalos.

Another nice fact from the time of the Bizzar/Bizaar Tour:

MTV agreed to play "Let's Go All The Way" on their network. Bruce and Utsler decided to bombard TRL with requests for the video. While on their "Bizzar Bizaar Tour," Insane Clown Posse posted on its website that December 8 was the day for Juggalos request the video. Bruce and Utsler named that day "The Mighty Day of Lienda," meaning "The Mighty Day of All or Nothing." On December 8, Rudy Hill, Robert Bruce, Tom Dub, and six other Psychopathic Records employees and friends drove down to New York City. They were met by nearly 400 Juggalos standing outside in front of the TRL studio window, all with signs supporting the duo. Thirty minutes before the show began, Viacom security guards and New York City police officers were dispatched to remove all the Juggalos from the sidewalk. When some Juggalos, including Robert Bruce, refused to move because it was a public street and no other individuals were asked to move, they were assaulted. All telephone requests for the video to be played were ignored, and Insane Clown Posse was never mentioned during the show. MTV later informed Island Records that the heads of the network must choose the band first before it can become eligible to be featured on TRL.

Violent J gave an interview about Bizzar/Bizaar. Check it out HERE.


Part I

Date Place Artists
29/11/2000 Avalon - Boston, MA ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
02/12/2000 Hammerstein Ballroom - New York, NY ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
03/12/2000 Scranton Cultural Center - Scranton, PA ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
05/12/2000 Sovereign Bank Arena - Trenton, NJ (CANCELLED) ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
08/12/2000 Fort Wayne Coliseum - Fort Wayne, IN ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
09/12/2000 Deltaplex - Grand Rapids, MI ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
15/12/2000 Hara Arena - Dayton, OH ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
16/12/2000 Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
17/12/2000 Pageant Theater - St. Louis, MO ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies
19/12/2000 Louisville Gardens - Louisville, KY ICP, Nashville Pussy and Suicidal Tendencies

Part II

Date Place


10/01/2001 Bogarts - Cincinnati, OH ICP, Marz, Insolence
12/01/2001 Agora Theater - Cleveland, OH ICP, Marz, Insolence
13/01/2001 Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA ICP, Marz, Insolence
15/01/2001 Club Laga - Pittsburgh, PA ICP, Marz, Insolence
16/01/2001 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH ICP, Marz, Insolence
18/01/2001 Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY ICP, Marz, Insolence
20/01/2001 Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY ICP, Marz, Insolence
21/01/2001 Webster Theater - Hartford, CT ICP, Marz, Insolence
23/01/2001 Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA ICP, Marz, Insolence
25/01/2001 The Nation - Washington, DC ICP, Marz, Insolence
27/01/2001 Boathouse, Virginia, Beach, VA ICP, Marz, Insolence
29/01/2001 Tremont Music Hall - Atlanta, GA ICP, Marz, Insolence
30/01/2001 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA ICP, Marz, Insolence
01/02/2001 Jannus Landing - St. Petersburgh, FL ICP, Marz, Insolence
02/02/2001 Orbit - Boynton Beach, FL ICP, Marz, Insolence
04/02/2001 328 Performance Hall - Nashville, TN ICP, Marz, Insolence
05/02/2001 Five Points South Music Hall - Birmingham, AL ICP, Marz, Insolence
07/02/2001 New Daisy Theater - Memphis, TN ICP, Marz, Insolence
09/02/2001 Fitzgeralds - Houston, TX ICP, Marz, Insolence
10/02/2001 Deep Ellum Live - Dallas, TX ICP, Marz, Insolence
12/02/2001 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM ICP, Marz, Insolence
13/02/2001 Club Rio - Tempe, AZ ICP, Marz, Insolence
15/02/2001 Huntridge Theatre - Las Vegas, NV ICP, Marz, Insolence
17/02/2001 Canes - San Diego, CA ICP, Marz, Insolence
18/02/2001 The Sun Theatre - Anaheim, CA ICP, Marz, Insolence
20/02/2001 Ventura Theatre - Ventura, CA ICP, Marz, Insolence
21/02/2001 Maritime Hall - San Francisco, CA ICP, Marz, Insolence
23/02/2001 Roseland Theater - Portland, OR ICP, Marz, Insolence
24/02/2001 King Kat Theater - Seattle, WA ICP, Marz, Insolence
26/02/2001 Bricks - Salt Lake City, UT ICP, Marz, Insolence
28/02/2001 Ogden - Denver, CO ICP, Marz, Insolence
02/03/2001 Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS ICP, Marz, Insolence
03/03/2001 The Rave Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI ICP, Marz, Insolence
06/03/2001 Egyptian Room - Indianapolis, IN ICP, Marz, Insolence
07/03/2001 Paroquet Springs Conference Center - Louisville, KY ICP, Marz, Insolence
09/03/2001 Birch Hill Niteclub - Old Bridge, NJ ICP, Marz, Insolence
11/03/2001 Avalon - Boston, MA ICP, Marz, Insolence
12/03/2001 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI ICP, Marz, Insolence
14/03/2001 Lost Horizons - Syracuse, NY ICP, Marz, Insolence
16/03/2001 Toledo Sports Arena - Toledo, Ohio ICP, Marz, Insolence

Part III

Date Place Artists
02/05/2001 Playmakers - Fargo, ND ICP, Blaze, Marz
04/05/2001 Ryan's Ballroom - Combined Locks, WI ICP, Blaze, Marz
05/05/2001 Pig Pen - Clinton, IA ICP, Blaze, Marz
07/05/2001 Ranch Bowl - Omaha, NE ICP, Blaze, Marz
08/05/2001 Ranch Bowl - Omaha, NE ICP, Blaze, Marz
10/05/2001 Colorado Springs City Auditorium - Colorado Springs, CO ICP, Blaze, Marz
11/05/2001 Mesa Theatre & Club - Grand Junction, CO ICP, Blaze, Marz
13/05/2001 NewBerrys - Pocatello, ID ICP, Blaze, Marz
15/05/2001 Rainbow Ballroom - Fresno, CA ICP, Blaze, Marz
17/05/2001 Glass House - Pomona, Ca ICP, Blaze, Marz
18/05/2001 The Rialto - Tucson, AZ ICP, Blaze, Marz
20/05/2001 Ector County Coliseum - Odessa, TX ICP, Blaze, Marz
21/05/2001 Stubb's BBQ - Austin, TX ICP, Blaze, Marz
24/05/2001 Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City, OK ICP, Blaze, Marz
25/05/2001 Cotillion - Wichita, KS ICP, Blaze, Marz
27/05/2001 Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK ICP, Blaze, Marz
29/05/2001 Blue Note - Columbia, MO ICP, Blaze, Marz
30/05/2001 The Bay - Chattanooga, TN ICP, Blaze, Marz
01/06/2001 Bayfront Auditorium - Pensacola, FL ICP, Blaze, Marz
02/06/2001 Edge2000 - Jacksonville, FL ICP, Blaze, Marz
04/06/2001 Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC ICP, Blaze, Marz
06/06/2001 The Ritz - Raleigh, NC ICP, Blaze, Marz
07/06/2001 The Silo - Reading, PA ICP, Blaze, Marz
09/06/2001 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY ICP, Blaze, Marz
10/06/2001 The Palladium - Worcester, MA ICP, Blaze, Marz


01. Take Me Away
02. Toy Box
03. Hokus Pokus
04. Tilt-A-Whirl
05. My Axe
06. $50 Bucks
07. Southwest Voodoo
08. Assassins
09. Mr. Happy
10. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
11. Terrible
12. Whut?
13. Fuck The World
14. Let's Go All The Way
15. Rainbows & Stuff
16. Nuttin' But A Bitch Thang
17. Please Don't Hate Me
18. Halls Of Illusions
19. Crystal Ball
20. Down With The Clown


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