The Shangri-La World Tour: Operation Europe

Date: November 03 - 19, 2003

Place: Europe: random


Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Local acts

ABK was originally supposed to be the opening act, but some shit with his visa screwed up and he wasn't able to fly over. So Jumpsteady took his place and ripped shit up. This was ICP's first tour in Europe since 1997. Unfortunately, due to shitty venues and promoters, most shows were cancelled, including the opening show in Glasgow, where juggalos packed the streets and got told last minute its cancelled, Violent J then came out to sign autographs. The tour eventually started in Manchester, at the Academy.

Psychopathic Europe got set up, so people were hoping for regular tours, but it soon went out of business, and we've still not had any tours, even the promised tempest "world tour"


Date Place Support Act
03/11/2003 Sauchiehall st. - Glasgow, Scottland (CANCELLED)  
07/11/2003 Manchester Academy 3 - Manchester, England Infinite Livez
08/11/2003 Birmingham Academy 2 - Birmingham, England Infinite Livez
10/11/2003 Forum Theater - London, England (*) Jumpsteady, A.T.F.
11/11/2003 O13 - Tilburg, The Netherlands The Last Crewsaders
12/11/2003 Melkweg - Amsterdam, The Netherlands The Last Crewsaders
13/11/2003 Underground - Cologne, Germany Lord Bishop
16/11/2003 Backstage - Munich, Germany unknown
18/11/2003 Knaack - Berlin, Germany unknown
19/11/2003 Logo - Hamburg, Germany unknown

Setlist (not in order) (*)

01. Walk Into The Light
02. Welcome To The Show
03. Hokus Pokus
04. Tilt-A-Whirl
05. Blaaam!!!
06. The Stalker
07. Assassins
08. Chicken Huntin'
09. My Axe
10. Let's Go All The Way
11. Toy Box
12. Lil' Somthin' Somthin'
13. Fuck The World
14. Down With The Clown
15. Get Ya Wicked On
16. Piggy Pie
17. Boogie Woogie Wu
18. Murder Rap
19. Homies
20. Play With Me
21. Thy Unveiling

(*) Thanks to Sancho Watts for sharing the setlist and the venue of the London show with the support act A.T.F.

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