Fury Fest

Date: May 03 - June 12, 2019

Place: random

Tickets: $35 (in advance), $40 (at the door)

Performances: Mushroomhead, DJ Paul, Ouija Macc, Kissing Candice, Rittz, Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal will only be on the tour from may 25 until june 09

On the tour, there are some Killjoy Club Surprize Shows. Check the dates below.

VIP update consist of

Kissing Candice off Fury Fest Tour

In april, juggalos noticed that Kissing Candice is no longer listed on the Fury Fest Tour, due to over booking and strict venue times. Kissing Candice has no beef with Insane Clown Posse. Twiztid reached out and Kissing Candice will be part of the remaining Generation Nightmare Tour.

“ICP has always been good to us. Unfortunately, we have received word that we have been removed as part of The Fury Fest Tour due to reasons out of our control. We have managed to pull together some really awesome shows to make it up to some of you, details will be coming for those very soon! All fans who purchased the KC VIP have been E-Mailed with how to proceed. Thank you, we will see you soon!”

“We will be performing on the last leg of Twiztid’s GENERATION NIGHTMARE TOUR! These shows are super last minute, but we hope to see a lot of familiar masked faces! Thanks to Twiztid and MNE for having us! Be sure to check out their new album GENERATION NIGHTMARE which is out NOW! We will be playing the following dates, VIP packages will go back up tomorrow.”

DJ Paul has left the Fury Fest Tour

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia has left the Fury Fest Tour and will not be performing at the remaining dates from May 31 until June 09, 2019. No further details are available at this time, but we hope all is well with DJ Paul and wish him good luck with whatever issues may have arisen.


Date Place  
03/05/2019 The Chance Theatre - Poughkeepsie, NY  
04/05/2019 Reverb - Reading, PA  
05/05/2019 Fete Ballroom - Providence, RI  
07/05/2019 Richmond Music Hall - Richmond, VA Killjoy Club Surprize Show
08/05/2019 Hooligans Music Hall - Jacksonville, NC  
09/05/2019 Mainstage - Morgantown, WV Killjoy Club Surprize Show
10/05/2019 Riverfront Live - Cincinnati, OH  
11/05/2019 The Firmament, Greenville, SC  
12/05/2019 Growlers - Memphis, TN Killjoy Club Surprize Show
13/05/2019 Granada Theater - Lawrence, KS  
14/05/2019 Pop's - Sauget, Il  
16/05/2019 The Cotillion - Wichita, KS  
17/05/2019 Black Sheep Outside - Colorado Springs, CO  
18/05/2019 The Complex - Salt Lake City, UT  
20/05/2019 El Corazon - Seattle, WA  
21/05/2019 Cheap Shots - Spokane, WA  
22/05/2019 Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR  
24/05/2019 The Boxx - Las Vegas, NV Killjoy Club Surprize Show
25/05/2019 Rialto Theater - Tucson, AZ Mac Lethal
26/05/2019 PressRoom - Phoenix, AZ Mac Lethal
28/05/2019 El Rey Theater - Albuquerque, NM Mac Lethal
30/05/2019 Warehouse Live - Houston, TX Mac Lethal
31/05/2019 Gas Monkey Live - Dallas, TX Mac Lethal
01/06/2019 Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City, OK Mac Lethal
02/06/2019 The Complex - Springfield, MO Mac Lethal
04/06/2019 Bourbon Theatre - Lincoln, NE Mac Lethal
05/06/2019 Miramar Theater - Milwaukee, WI Mac Lethal
06/06/2019 Cabooze Outdoors - Minneapolis, MN Mac Lethal
07/06/2019 The Forge - Joliet, IL Mac Lethal
08/06/2019 The Citadel - Indianapolis, IN Mac Lethal
09/06/2019 The Signal - Chattanooga, TN Mac Lethal
11/06/2019 Pipetem Event Center - Pipestem, WV Without Mushroomhead
12/06/2019 El Patron - Knoxville, TN Without Mushroomhead


01. Red Fred
02. Fury!
03. Hokus Pokus
04. Hey Vato
05. Halls Of Illusions
06. Dead Body Man
07. I Stab People
08. CPK's
09. * Faygo Break *
10. Beverly Kills
11. The Great Show
12. Let's Go All The Way
13. Crossing The Bridge
14. Southwest Voodoo
15. Fuck The World
16. Mr. Johnson's Head (Remix)
17. Seriously Hilarious
18. Boogie Woogie Wu
19. Night Of Red Rum
20. * Faygo Break *
21. The Neden Game
22. Lil' Somethin' Somethin'
23. Hell's Forecast
24. Truly Alone
25. Manic Depressive
26. Pass Me By


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