Farewell Tour

Date: 2022

Place: US, Europe, Canada and Australia

Tickets: TBA

Performances: TBA

At ICP's seminar at the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2021, Violent J got some news that came in like a bomb. He announced a Farewell Tour next year with shows all over the world but on a slow rate due to his pretty severe heart problems called AFIB. 30 years in the business on high speed, Violent J now has to take a step back.

On November 19, 2021 Violent J went on a live stream with DJ Clay on his Twitch.TV channel and dropped some news about the Farewell Tour.

This is what to expect:


  • Juggalo Weekend (Location not announced yet)
  • Europe (during festival season)
  • Canada
  • Gathering 2022: Gathering of Dreams
  • Australia (4 markets in the Fall)
  • Final 2 Ultra Live Monster 5 shows
  • All other annual events


  • Criss-crossing the United States multiple times (including Major, B and C markets)
  • All Annual Events

More news about this tour soon...




No setlist available

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