Big Ballas X-mas Party 2009

Date: December 18, 2009

Place: Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, MI

Tickets: $30 (VIP: $100 - $150)

Performances: Southwest Sol, Wolfpac and all Psychopathic Records Artists

Opening the night up with a bang we've got Southwest Sol holdin' it down on stage and bringin' his own unique style of gritty lyrics and bass bumpin' beats. After that's it's Wolfpac keeping the party going with their legendary stage show that simply has to be seen to be believed. Want a hint? Stripper poles . That's all we're sayin'. And to finish off the night in grand style we're bringin' every single Psychopathic Records artist out for a huge medley that's going to blow your mind! The legends of the underground not only under one roof but on one stage thrownin' it down in the spirit of the holidays!

You want more? Everyone that walks in the door gets a fresh freebie gift ! From our family straight to you just for comin' to hang out! That still enough? How about JCW wrestling to make sure that your holly jolly night has an equal dose of blood shed and barbed wire sprinkled throughout it?

Another gift was given to the first 100 people that pass through the doors of Clutch Cargos that night. They received a pressed hard copy of Twiztid's album "From Us To You: Cryptic Collection Holiday Edition"


18/12/2009 Clutch Cargo's - Pontiac, MI


No setlist available.

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