Big Ballas X-mas Party 2010

Date: December 23, 2010

Place: The Shelter, St. Andrews in Detroit, MI

Tickets: Only 400 tickets available

Performances: Mike E. Clark, DJ Clay, V Sinizter, Insane Clown Posse, The Dayton Family, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, AMB

This year the X-mas party moved downstairs in The Shelter for everyone 18+. There were only 400 tickets available. Mike E. Clark and DJ Clay kept spinning thoughout the night until two in the morning and everyone from Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House were having a good time.

This year ICP and their Psychopathic Records family also teamed up with Violent J's girlfriend Sugar Slam for “Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive” which is giving away an exclusive holiday cd, Holiday Heat, to every person who donates a new toy and/or new children’s winter outerwear.

The rules are simple – for every donation of a new toy or new winter clothing item worth a minimum of $5.00, Psychopathic Records will give that donator a collector’s item CD, Holiday Heat , which is made up of fifteen holiday songs from the Psychopathic Records artists, including Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid and others.

During the Big Ballas party ICP and Sugar Slam came out on stage to announce that the toy drive had received over 10,000 donations and that the band had to press up more copies of Holiday Heat to keep up with the demand.

Various band members moved throughout the venue including The Dayton Family who spent a lot of time taking pictures and shaking hands and JCW wrestlers Sabu and Scott Hall who seemed to be enjoying themselves greatly.

Juggalo radio personality Upchuck Tha Clown was broadcasting from the party all evening on Psychopathic's W-F*ck-Off Radio.

ICP's deejay DJ Clay spent awhile spinning some songs off of his new compilation Book of the Wicked followed by a performance from horrorcore rapper V Sinizter.

ICP producer Mike E. Clark also spent quite a bit of time spinning some of his Psychopathic Records remixes including a great mashup of ICP's "Zombie Slide" and the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams".

Immediately following his set, the entire Psychopathic Records roster hit the stage for their annual "Deadly Medley" which features performances from all of the artists.

This year ICP kicked off things with a performance of "Assassins" followed by Boondox's "Color You Dead".

The Dayton Family took the stage again before Twiztid and Blaze came up to perform a rocking version of "Buss Yo Head Open".

This was followed by ABK performing "Grind To the Flow" and a performance from AMB featuring DJ Clay.

Next, it was time for the cycle to repeat with everyone getting a chance to showcase a second song.

ICP once again started things off with "Let's Go All The Way" followed by Boondox's "Freak B*tch", The Dayton Family's "Flint Town", Twiztid and Blaze's "Triple Threat", another AMB/DJ Clay mix and the highlight of the set, ABK's "Ghost of My Ex" from his still unreleased Possessed album.

The evening ended with ICP starting up their "Juggalo Chant (We Will Never Die Alone)" that allowed the crowd to show their appreciation for a amazing evening.


23/12/2010 The Shelter, St. Andrews - Detroit, MI


No setlist available.

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