Hallowicked Clown Show 1996

Date: December 12, 1996

Place: Detroit, Michigan

Tickets: $9

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Wolfpac, KGB, House of Krazees

Give Away: Witches & Warlocks (cassette)

For the 3rd Hallowicked, ICP decided to do about a 10 show tour, dubbed the Hallowicked Clown Tour 1996, leading up to the final show in Detroit on Oct. 31st. Things didn't quite work out that way though. They got thru the first few dates on the tour until they hit Toledo, OH. In Toledo, Violent J stagedived from a speaker-stack...and, umm...no one caught him. He broke his collarbone and was carried out unconscious in an ambulance. The tour was postponed almost a month and in Detroit, Hallowicked didn't come until December.

Following the goal of making the event bigger and better every year the event was expanded to a tour, The Hallowicked Clown Tour. The tour would feature other underground wicked sounding artists including KGB (got booed offstage), The House of Krazees, and Wolfpac. The event would pass through Texas, Kansas, and Missouri before coming to a complete halt. The tour was scheduled for two nights in St. Louis with the first night passing without incident. However, on the second night Violent J of The Insane Clown Posse attempted to stage dive from atop speaker equipment set up for the groups performance however as he flew through the air he quickly realized that there was nobody there to catch him. Violent J fell straight to the ground breaking his collarbone and being taken fro the venue unconscious. Due to the accident the group had to postpone the tour until Violent J could heal, the tour finally finished on December 14th in Detroit, Michigan. The Tour then called Resurrection Tour.

The tradition again continued this year in any case, The Witches and Warlocks cassette was released for the 1996, Hallowicked Clown Tour.


Date Place  
15/10/1996 Trees - Dallas, TX  
16/10/1996 Rock Island - Witchita, KS  
17/10/1996 Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS  
18/10/1996 Galaxy - St. Louis, MO  
19/10/1996 Asylum - Toledo, OH  
20/10/1996 Asylum - Toledo, OH  
24/10/1996 Chelsies - Columbus, OH POSTPONED to 05/12/1996
25/10/1996 Peabodys - Cleveland, OH POSTPONED to 07/12/1996
26/10/1996 Warehouse - Kalamazoo, MI POSTPONED to 06/12/1996
30/10/1996 Palladium - Detroit, MI POSTPONED to 14/12/1996
31/10/1996 Palladium - Detroit, MI POSTPONED to 14/12/1996


No setlist available.

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