Hallowicked Clown Tour 1998

Date: October 26 - 31, 1998

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Gwar, Twiztid, Myzery

Give Away: Pumpkin Carvers
[feat. Twiztid & Kottonmouth Kings] (CD)

Back to mini-tours again, this tour featured GWAR on some of the dates! Also, this is the first and only time that Hallowicked was in another city other than Detroit on Halloween night. Detroit got the Devil's Night show while St. Louis got the actual Halloween night concert.
The "Pumpkin Carvers" song features Twiztid and KMK, making it the first Hallowicked song with guest appearances on it and it is also the first time a Hallowicked single was ever released on CD. KMK probably would have been on this tour, but they got kicked off ICP's previous tour for trading backstage passes for weed.


26/10/1998 Milwaukee, WI
27/10/1998 Grand Rapids, MI
28/10/1998 Cleveland, OH
29/10/1998 Pittsburgh, PA
30/10/1998 Harpos, Detroit, MI
31/10/1998 St. Louis, MO


No setlist available.

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