Hallowicked 2004

Date: October 31, 2004

Place: State Theatre, Detroit, MI

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Act: Mack 10, Esham, ABK, Filthee Immigrants.

Give Away: Murda Cloak [feat. ABK] (CD)

A few songs before Halls of Illusions, people who were crowd surfing ended up in front of the barricades with the bouncers. The X-Men security wasn’t doing shit to move them out of the way, so Juggalos started climbing over the barricade to get closer to the stage. Towards the end of “How Many Times”, everybody started getting onto the stage along with J and Shaggy. They continued as long as they could into “Halls of Illusions”, but ended up leaving the stage when a few hundred Juggalos were up there. The music played on for several minutes while more and more ninjas got on stage. The show was out of control…just like a Hallowicked should be! Cops were there to disperse the crowd and a lot of juggalo's didn't get their free CD.


31/10/2004 State Theatre - Detroit, MI


01. Walk Into The Darkness
02. Dead Body Man
03. Assasins
04. Crooked Preacher Killers
05. Suicide Hotline
06. Night Of 44
07. Piggy Pie
08. Chicken Huntin
09. My Kinda Bitch
10. Southwest Voodoo
11. Stomp
12. Everybody Rize
13. Fuck The World
14. Who Asked You
15. Everyday I Die
16. Santa's A Fat Bitch
17. How Many Times
18. Halls Of Illusions


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