Hallowicked 2011

Date: 31 october 2011

Place: The Fillmore - Detroit, MI

Artists: ICP, Twiztid, Blaze

Give Away: I Saw A Monster

The show was heavy on props and special effects. Clad in clown paint, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope wheeled a large wagon of Faygo pop on stage, which their associates consistently sprayed on the adoring crowd. Fillmore officials had wrapped plastic tarps around the walls of the venue, but there was no easy way to duck the constant stream of Moon Mist, Rock & Rye and Faygo Root Beer. The posse threw buckets of confetti from the stage and sent hundreds of balloons floating down from the ceiling.

Chanting lines like, "We's goin' chicken hunting!" and bellowing "Woop Woop!" until their throats for raw, Juggalos in the audience kept up an almost incredible level of enthusiasm throughout the show -- though early songs like "I Like To Stab" garnered more cheers than later tracks from ICP's oeuvre.

When ICP's 90-minute set was complete, the juggalos were herded out into the streets of Grand Circus Park, chanting "Family" as they exited. Outside, members of the nearby Occupy Detroit camp fashioned their own homemade juggalo-friendly signs and invited the fans to join their cause. For the most part, though, the juggalos were content to keep spraying each other with Faygo before they headed back to the 'burbs.


31/10/2011 The Fillmore - Detroit, MI


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