Hallowicked 2013

Date: October 31, 2013

Place: The Fillmore, Detroit, MI

Artists: Jumpsteady, Big Hoodoo, Boondox, ABK and ICP


Give Away: Halloween Head

The Hallowicked Afterparty took place in The Majestic Theatre in Detroit, MI.

Performers Hallowicked Afterparty: Buckwheat Groats, AMB and JCW wrestling.

This year there is a Hallowicked Costume Contest at the Afterparty. The dopest costume wins and the price is a psychopathic records pimp cup filled with goodies and a $150 certificate to be used at the merch booth.


31/10/2013 The Fillmore - Detroit, MI


01. The Mighty Death Pop
02. Chicken Huntin'
03. The Show Must Go On
04. What Is A Juggalo?
05. Bazooka Joey
06. Rainbows & Stuff
07. Halls Of Illusions
08. Burning Up
09. Night Of The Chainsaw
10. Hokus Pokus
11. Bitches
12. Tilt-A-Whirl
13. Birthday Bitches
14. Boogie Woogie Wu
15. Dead Body Man
16. Wicked Hellaween
17. Fuck The World
18. Let's Go All The Way
19. Assassins
20. How Many Times?
21. The Neden Game
22. When I'm Clownin'
23. Down With The Clown (J Giels Remix)
24. Pass Me By
25. Dead Pumpkins


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