Juggalo Day 2013: The Riddle Box Show

Date: February 17, 2013

Place: St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

Tickets: $17

Performances: Project Born, Myzery, ICP

This was the second annual Juggalo Day and the show was sold out. There were performances of Project Born, Myzery and Insane Clown Posse.

ICP played the whole Riddle Box album.

You can read a great review HERE.

The Juggalo Day was exualy a Juggalo Weekend. It really started on saturday February 16, 2013 with a JCW event at St. Andrews Hall. You could see matches of 2 Tuff Tony, The Ring Rydas, Rude Boy, Kongo Kong, Zach Gowen, Necro Butcher, Richie Boy Bryer Wellington and plenty more. For $10 you could see it all. It was also on internet pay-per-view for $7. Thereafter was an 18+ afterparty in The Ritz in Warren, MI with performances of Anybody Killa, Mike E. Clark and DJ Clay for only $7. Sunday February 17 started with an In-Store. After that you could go and with the Riddle Box Show. This could also be watched on IPPV for $17.


17/02/2013 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI


01. Intro
02. Riddle Box
03. The Show Must Go On
04. Chicken Huntin'
05. Toy Box
06. Cemetary Girl
07. 3 Rings
08. Headless Boogie
09. The Joker's Wild
10. The Dead Body Man
11. Lil' Somethin' Somethin'
12. Ol' Evil Eye
13. 12
14. The Killing Fields
15. I'm Coming Home


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