Juggalo Weekend 2021:
ICP's Juggalo Weekend Month Long, Live Stream Extravaganza!!

Date: February 2021

Place: Psychopathic Records HQ / Violent J's House

Tickets: $66,50 for the entire month

Link: patreon.com/insaneclownposse


Announcement on Social media on February 01, 2021

Forget about Juggalo Weekend, this year it's ICP's Juggalo Weekend Month Long, Live Stream Extravaganza!! Stayed tuned because tomorrow we're dropping the full schedule and details on how you can come to witness all the insanity live and in person!

February 3th – Board Games Against Boredom

It's going to be a knuckle-biting match of skill against skill tonight with the kickoff of ICP's Juggalo Weekend Month-long Livestream Extravaganza! Get ready for Board Games Against Boredom, featuring Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope playing against legendary game designer ninja Jumpsteady to see who will reign supreme as Master of the Board! The flavor starts tonight at 9 p.m. DON'T MISS IT, JUGGALOS!

February 6th - Zen Of Love: Hotter & Steamier

Got love problems? Who doesn�t!? Let the Wicked Clowns help you with your romantic dilemmas this Saturday on Zen of Love�Put the Kids to Bed & Grab the Lube Tube � this episode promises to be much HOTTER and STEAMIER! Be a part of the show by emailing your Zen of Love situations to icphouseparty@gmail.com. COME BE A PART OF THE FLAVOR! Send those love problems in TODAY!

February 08th - Descent Into The Abyss Of Evil Chapter 2: The Decent Goes Deeper

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Wicked Clowns do! Join them--if you dare--as they descend into the shadowy darkness of Evil in all its forms on Monday, February 8 with DESCENT INTO THE ABYSS OF EVIL--CHAPTER 2: THE DESCENT GOES DEEPER! Be warned! This show may be disturbing to sensitive viewers, so if you're a richie bitch boy, you might wanna sit this one out!

February 10th - Juggalo Night Court

Order in the Court! Fuck that--Get ready for disorder in the Juggalo Night Court! Do you want to bring your Juggalo homie to Juggalo Justice in a court of Family law with the Wicked Clowns? Now is your chance! Psychopathic Records is now accepting applications for Juggalo Night Court, Wednesday 2/10 at 9pm (ET), live at Psychopathic Records! Plead YOUR case in Night Court with Violent J and Shaggy as your personal attorneys before the Honorable Judge Jumpsteady, live at Psychopathic Records! If you (plaintiff) and your homie (defendant) (with up to 3 witnesses for your case) are able to join us at Psychopathic Records Wednesday night to appear before the Juggalo Night Court, write to us at�icphouseparty@gmail.com�to describe your case. You must be 18 or over and able to appear LIVE in person Wednesday night at Psychopathic Records, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Calling all Juggalos! Justice will be served! It's Juggalo Night Court Live at Psychopathic Records HQ! Are you down?

February 13th - ICP's Late Night Funhouse Talk Show

This Saturday, LIVE from Violent J's house, tune in for a night of guests who need no introduction. It's Juggalo celebrities, a house band, and all sorts of unpredictable wicked shit at ICP'S LATE NIGHT FUNHOUSE TALK SHOW! Who will show up? What will happen? Expect the unexpected when Violent J and Shaggy sit down with some special guests! This special event will be filmed LIVE from Violent J's house inside his living room...and YOU can be there, too! A small number of tickets to be a member of the studio audience will be auctioned at 2PM @ PsychopathicVault.com! Don't miss your rare chance to chill with ICP on the Duke of the Wicked's homebase!

February 15th - Mystery Day

It's time to go to school, bitch! Welcome to the JAM EXAM! Take a rare, insightful journey through ICP's entire career as Violent J and Shaggy take you through EVERY SINGLE JOKER'S CARD, choosing their all-time favorite banger from each album. Hear trivia and history about these standout tracks that define the Dark Carnival universe!

February 17th - Wicked Clown Campfire Stories Part 2: XXXL On Roids & Crack

Grab yourself a seat around the fire, and settle in for a night of spooky storytelling at WICKED CLOWN CAMPFIRE STORIES PART 2: XXXL ON ROIDS AND CRACK! Join J, Shaggy, and Jumpsteady as they blow your fuckin' minds with TRUE stories from their crazy, fucked up lives.

February 20th - JCW Presents Best Of Oddball Brutality

Prepare to witness bone crunching sports entertainment as only JCW can provide at The Best of Oddball Brutality! THIS SATURDAY at Psychopathic Headquarters, it's going down!

February 22th - Juggalo Gong Show

Calling all contestants! The infamous Juggalo Gong Show of Gathering legend is back in full effect LIVE at Psychopathic Records, with your hosts the Wicked Clowns themselves! We are giving away a custom, one-of-a-kind gold Hatchetman jersey and TWO TICKETS to ICP's Grand Finale Juggalo Weekend Month-Long Extravaganza Performance! Want to see ICP live at the home of the hatchet? Want to rock that gold mint and crispy hookup? You gotta play to win! Juggle, tap dance, breathe fire, hula hoop, say the ABCs backwards, breakdance, do the worm, throw darts, double dutch, clench a 2-liter in your butt cheeks, play an instrument, do backflips--whatever the fuck! (But please no rapping this time, ninjas!) Bring your weirdest and craziest hidden talent LIVE and IN PERSON to Psychopathic Records on Monday night 2/22, and perform for up to 2 minutes! Submit your performance idea to icphouseparty@gmail.com for your chance to enter for the grand prize! Do you have what it takes to win? Email us now for your chance! Whoop Whoop!

February 24th - Juggalo Family Feud

Next Wednesday, February 24...it's JUGGALO FAMILY FEUD! Grab three of your homies and get ready for a chance to win BIG flavor... Check it out, ninjas— we're auctioning off six 4-packs of contestant tickets. You and your homies show up at Psychopathic Records headquarters to compete against others groups and it’s TRULY a Juggalo Family Feud! Survey says...you don't want to miss your chance to play with the Wicked Clowns themselves!

February 27th - ICP's 3 Ring Live Concert Extravaganza



03/02/2021 Board Games Against Bordedom  
06/02/2021 Zen Of Love: Hotter & Steamier  
08/02/2021 Descent into The Abyss Of Evil
Chapter 2 : The Decent Goes Deeper
10/02/2021 Juggalo Night Court  
13/02/2021 ICP's Late Night Funhouse Talk Show  
15/02/2021 Mystery Day  
17/02/2021 Wicked Clown Campfire Stories
Part 2: XXXL On Roids & Crack
20/02/2021 JCW Presents Best Of Oddball Brutality  
22/02/2021 Juggalo Gong Show  
24/02/2021 Juggalo Family Feud  
27/02/2021 ICP's 3 Ring Live Concert Extravaganza  


Set 1

01. Welcome To The Show
02. Assassins
03. Hey Vato
04. Red Neck Hoe
05. 17 Dead
06. Dead Body Man
07. Get off Me, Dog!

Set 2

08. Tilt-A-Whirl
09. The Show Must Go On


Chicken Huntin!
11. Mr. Happy
12. Southwest Strangla
13. My Kind Of Bitch
14. Beverly Kills
15. Truly Alone

Set 3

16. The Neden Game
17. The Stalker
18. Let's Go All The Way
19. Fuck Off!
20. Never Had It Made
21. In The Haughhh!


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