The Juggalo Arena

What?: The JCW Headquarters

Place: Novi, Michigan

Owner: Psychopathic Records

Site: www.juggalowrestling.com

Psychopathic Records purchased in 2009 a new, industrial sized builing in Novi, Michigan that serves as the Juggalo Championship Wrestling Headquarters. The name of the new headquarters was chosen by a vote of all juggalos around the world at the website of JCW. On january 18, 2010 the new name of the headquarters was anounced: The Juggalo Arena. This new complex contains the JCW's new offices. It also hosts live JCW wrestling events once a month, every month. Tickets of these live events are sold at Hatchetgear.com. For those who can't be at these live events, everything is filmed and put together in new episodes of SlamTV! Also DVDs of every event are available for purchase at Hatchetgear.com.

The complex also helds the JCW Wrestling School. You learn everything new school and old school pro wrestling. Amateur wrestling, ring psychology, high spots, character development, ring entrance, promos, the whole kickin' caboodle. Come and train with the stars of JCW. You must be at least 18 years old. The fee is $2,000 for a twelve week course. 50% of that, $1,000, has to be paid upfront. Then an additional $100 will be paid each week until your balance is paid in full. Classes are four times a week. If you can't pay all of that at once you can spread it out throughout the week as long as by the end of it we have $100 from you.

The head trainer of the wrestling school is Kevin Canady beter known as Mad Man Pondo.

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