Dog Beats

Release: 1992 - 2000

Label: Psychopathic Records (PSY-1003)

Producer: Chuck Miller (track 4)

Vocals: Joey Utsler (track 4), John Kickjazz

Vocals, Producer: Joseph Bruce
(tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4)

General info

Before there was an Insane Clown Posse, there was the Inner City Posse: a Southwest Detroit gang and the name Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope used as a rap group. Dog Beats was their first professionally recorded and manufactured album, but was just a hint of what would come later with the Joker's Cards. Though a few hooks and beats from this album were nostalgically reused, the only song to truly carry over was Wizard of the Hood, which reappeared on their next album, and was remade into Violent J's 2003 solo E.P. of the same name.

This was the first record ever released by Psychopathic Records
The cassette was released in 1992 and the cd in 2000 on the Gathering.

The original versions of Dog Beats didn't have barcodes, had writing on the inside booklet, and were numbered 1CD25, instead of a PSY Number.
Then, they added the barcode for the next pressing, also with the 1CD25 code.
Finally, some with no writing inside the booklet were pressed.
Other variations are the Number of member names in the booklet. Also, sometimes the tape and the booklet's Psy/1CD25 Numbers don't match. There has also been a 2 Track tape on eBay.

  1. 1CD25 DB tape w/o Barcode & Writing, 4 Member
  2. 1CD25 DB tape w/ Writing & 4 Member
  3. PSY 1003 DB tape w/ Writing & 4 Member
  4. PSY 1003 DB tape w/ Writing & 2 Members
  5. PSY 1003 DB tape w/out Writing
  6. PSY 1003 Dog Beats CD  

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Ghetto Zone 6:02
02. Wizard of the Hood 5:18
03. Life at Risk 3:30
04. Dog Beats 4:51
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