The Riddle Box

Release: October 10, 1995


General info

Released on October 10th, 1995 through Jive Records, Riddle Box features many defining ICP songs, including the remix of Chicken Huntin' which became ICP's first music video. Despite a lack of promotion from Jive, the Riddle Box pushed ICP towards the national level and rounded out their stage show with live favorites like Cemetary Girl, Dead Body Man, and the costume-heavy Toy Box. The song Riddlebox can be heard in the George Clooney movie Solaris, for which ICP have yet to receive a dime.

Originally, RiddleBox CDs and tapes had stickers on the plastic to hide the Face of the Jokers Card.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Riddlebox 2:51
02. The Show Must Go On 5:07
03. Chicken Huntin (Slaughter House Mix) 3:42
04. Toy Box 5:24
05. Cemetary Girl 5:08
06. 3 Rings 4:50
07. Headless Boogie 4:22
08. The Joker's Wild 4:56
09. Dead Body Man 4:20
10. Lil' Somethin' Somethin 5:28
11. Ol' Evil Eye 4:53
12. 12 6:35
13. The Killing Fields 4:55
14. I'm Coming Home 5:52
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