Bang! Pow! Boom!

Release: September 01, 2009

Label: Psychopathic Records (PSY4102-2)

Produced by: Mike E. Clark

General info

Bang! Pow! Boom! was recorded in nine months. In order to ensure the quality of his vocal recordings, Bruce did not smoke cannabis while recording, and drank hot tea before each take. According to Bruce, the goal was to produce an album that was "very much a part of the Dark Carnival , without it being the seventh Joker's Card". "Bang! Pow! Boom!" is a character within the Dark Carnival. Bruce listened to music by the psychedelic rock band Gong for inspiration. Among the album's tracks are "The Bone", which features surf rock -influenced guitars, "I Found a Body", a comedic track featuring lyrics similar to the plot of Weekend at Bernie's , and "Chop Chop Slide", inspired by the " Cha Cha Slide ".

Bang! Pow! Boom! The album's title, was first announced in the liner notes of Bruce's solo album The Shining . Bruce and Utsler will participate in a three-day photo shoot for the album's promotional images. The album's release will be preceded a nationwide in-store tour beginning in August, and followed by a 64-day tour, including the group's annual Halloween performance in Detroit. Psychopathic Video will produce music videos for three or more songs from the album. The album will be released in three different color variations of the cover: red, blue, and green. Each version will contain its own unique introduction and hidden track. A sampler for the album was released, featuring a decoder piece for finding hidden messages in the album's artwork.

The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 in the first week!!!

You can read an interview with Violent J about the release of Bang! Pow! Boom! HERE.

You can read the meaning of every song HERE.

Hidden messages:

The hidden messages can be found with the Ninja Decoder Tool from the Sampler or the Nuclear Edition.

Page 9 - 10: bottom left cornor: telephonenumber: 313-483-0930

Page 13 - 14: Middle right: an ad for the Big Money Rustlas Show

Big Money

Top left: ad for burntwreckage.com

Page 15-16: Mid left: an ad for ICP's Oddball Bonanza Show

ICP's Oddball Bonanza Show
3-20-10 Electric Factory, Philly

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Intro 1:26
02. The Clowns Are Back (Green Version) 2:29
02. Freaky Creep Show (Red Version) 2:56
02. Beautiful Doom (Blue Version) 3:05
03. In Yo Face 4:07
04. The Bone 3:54
05. Zombie Slide 3:27
06. To Catch A Predator 5:21
07. Boing Boing 4:46
08. I Found A Body 5:46
09. Love 3:16
10. Fonz Pond 4:02
11. Imma Kill U 4:30
12. Juggalo Island 4:58
13. Vultures 4:50
14. Vera Lee 5:17
15. Miracles 5:12
16 Bang! Pow! Boom! 11:42
17. Chop Chop Slide (Green Version)  
17. Go Shaggz (Red Version)  
17. Over A Bitch (Blue Version)  
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