The Gathering Of The Juggalos: short news
# Year Info
01. GOTJ 2000 The first Gathering was scheduled in December '99 but was postponed until the summer of 2000.

About 300 fans rushed onto the stage. After performing for almost 30 more minutes, the concert was abruptly stopped by the venue's management

02. GOTJ 2001 Hundreds of fans charged the main stage during Insane Clown Posse's performance. This time the group was forced to flee the stage before it collapsed. The festival was ended early, before the duo could reveal their Sixth Joker's Card. The next day, local newspapers reported the rush as a "riot".
03. GOTJ 2002 Bubba Sparxxx was booed offstage. The Sixth Joker's Card was unveiled. The second seminar, detailing Insane Clown Posse's entire rise to fame, was captured on video and released with The Wraith: Shangri-La on DVD.
A riot occurred after police tried to stop female attendees from showing their breasts.
04. GOTJ 2003 The Gathering was held outdoors for the first time and went off without any problems.
05. GOTJ 2004 Kurupt got booed off the stage. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony also re-united for the first time in several months by making a surprise performance on opening night.
06. GOTJ 2005 Charlie Murphy was also brought in as one of the stand-up comedians. The Underground Psychos contest, in which the winner, Axe Murder Boyz, was signed to Psychopathic Records.
Quarry Park's owner, Evan Kelley, kicked the festival off his grounds later that year.
07. GOTJ 2006 Also known as "The Gathering Of The Muddalos".
The festival featured over 100 bands.
08. GOTJ 2007 The festival featured over 100 bands. No problems mentioned. Anybody Killa was announced to have signed back with Psychopathic Records.
09. GOTJ 2008 The Gathering of 2008 was filmed by Psychopathic Video for the documentary A Family Underground.
10. GOTJ 2009 This event had the largest attendance in Gathering history with over 20,000 people.
During their set, Insane Clown Posse debuted the songs "Juggalo Island" and "Bang! Pow! Boom!" from their then-upcoming album Bang! Pow! Boom!
The trailer for Big Money Rustlas also premiered during the event, where it was screened twice.
Psychopathic Records’ infomercial for the 2009 Gathering of the Juggalos was parodied on the television sketch comedy Saturday Night Live.
11. GOTJ 2010 Big Money Rustlas being released. Tila Tequila was attacked by the crowd.
12. GOTJ 2011 The twelfth event debuted the use of a celebrity host for each night's main stage. All of the main stage performances, as well as the wrestling events Bloodymania 5 and Legends & Icons, were broadcast live on internet pay-per-view. It was also announced that Vanilla Ice had signed with Psychopathic Records.
13. GOTJ 2012 Due to last year that people had to miss the performance of ICP because they had to return home, this year had an extra day and ICP performed on saterday instead of sunday.
14. GOTJ 2013 This was the final time the event was held at Cave-In-Rock and it was the first ever performance of Big Hoodoo
15. GOTJ 2014 The GOTJ announced to move to a family Campground in Kaiser, Missouri but local citizens signed a petition against the GOTJ to come to their town.
A self-professed Juggalo referred to as Steve contacted Psychopathic Records and offered the 120-acre Legend Valley as a place to host the event. A new location was set.
The first intergender tag team match  in Gathering history
16. GOTJ 2015 This year you could participate in a Juggalo Psypher. They recorded a whole video at the Gathering.
17. GOTJ 2016 The first ever Wizard of the Hood concert and the release of the game "Into The Echoside".
It was the last time that the event took place at Legend Valley
18. GOTJ 2017 The Gathering is moving to a new location Lost Lakes Amphitheater, Oklahoma City, OK
19. GOTJ 2018 Back at Legend Valley. ICP did a Hell's Pit show and Myzery drops after 20 years his album Para La Isla. Hell's Cellar was released.
20. GOTJ 2019 This was the first year that there was no Insane Clown Posse Seminar. In stead there was a surprise performance of the Dog Beats EP by Inner City Posse.
21. GOTJ 2020 This Gathering is postponed to 2021 due to the worldwide Covid-19 virus outbreak.
22. GOTJ 2021  
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