Bassment Cuts

Release: 1991 - 2001

Label: Double A Productions (PSY-2008)

General info

There are 3 versions.

Version 1: Bass-ment Cuts(Cassette, 1991)

The album was recorded by 2 Dope, Violent J and John Utsler who would later go on to become the Insane Clown Posse.

The "originals" of these tapes are technically dubs, but they are marked and have real covers.

Intro - Samples Used : Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) , Lifers Group - The Real Deal
Set It Off - Samples Used : Eddie D - You Can't Hang
Bitches - Samples Used : Kwamé - Hai Love
Play That Hoe - Samples Used : Compton's Most Wanted - Whose Is It
The I.C.P. - Samples Used : Lifers Group - Belly of the Beast

Version 2: Bass-ment (Cassette, 1991)

This is the "second version," if you will, of Bass-ment Cuts. This tape has an all white cover with a picture of all 5 members (J, Shaggy, John, Greez-E, and Ghetto Style).

The "originals" of these tapes are technically dubs, much like the others above, but they are marked and have real covers, even though they are on solid plain tapes. Now, most of the information for the tapes above comes from "Behind the Paint," yet they left this out, so I'm not sure if this is exactly where it goes in chronological order, but it's as good as I can do.

Version 3: Bass-ment Cuts (CD, 2001)

The Reissue CD was released at the second annual Gathering of the Juggalos in 2001. The following is stated about this release on the item's official web site "This is the first stuff ICP put on tape, back in the Inner City Posse days. It was recorded on a karaoke machine so it's lo-fi, but it's a piece of history and something you need if you want your collection to be complete."

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

Version 1: Bass-ment Cuts(Cassette, 1991)

A1. Intro 1:02
A2. Set It Off 3:53
A3. Lock Down 1:06
A4. Bitches 4:24
B1. Insian Like 3:40
B2. Play That Hoe 3:45
B3. Ghetto Style 1:33
B4. The I.C.P. 2:10

Version 2: Bass-ment (Cassette, 1991)

01. Set It Off  
02. Tear Shit Up  
03. Lock Down  
04. Bitches  
05. The Pimp You Wish For  
06. Insane Like A MF  
07. Fan Mail  
08. I Don't Dance  
09. Style Of The G.  
10. Crime Pays  

Version 3: Bass-ment Cuts (CD, 2001)

01. Intro 1:02
02. Set It Off 3:53
03. Lock Down 1:06
04. Bitches 4:24
05. Insian Like 3:40
06. Play That Hoe 3:45
07. Ghetto Style 1:33
08. The I.C.P. 2:10


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