The Wraith: Hell's Pit

Release: August 31, 2004

Label: Psychopathic Records
(PSY-4031 and PSY-4032)

General info

On August 31, 2004, the curtains closed on the Joker's Card saga with the final aspect of death, The Wraith: Hell's Pit. After the positivity of the Shangi-La era, this was a return to the truly dark Wicked Shit that ICP were known for. It may stand as their most real and ruthless album ever. This album has 2 versions and came with bonus DVD: one with a live concert, and the other a short film for the song Bowling Balls, which holds the world record for the first film recorded in both High Definition and 3-D! It also contains the mix track Real Underground Baby, which includes hooks and beats from all of the Joker's Cards. A video for that track also highlights ICP's history of T.V. and video appearances.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Intro   1:31
02. Walk Into The Darkness Additional lyrics by Rich Murrel 3:26
03. Suicide Hotline Music by Fritz The Cat 3:34
04. C.P.k.'s   2:49
05. Truly Alone Music by Fritz The Cat 3:56
06. Everyday I Die   3:25
07. The Night Of The 44 Music by ICP 3:02
08. The Witch   3:20
09. Bowling Balls   3:30
10. 24 Music by Violent J 2:16
11. Burning Up   3:36
12. Sedatives   3:00
13. In My Room   3:53
14. Basehead Attack   4:18
15. Angels Falling Backing Vocals: Michelle Rapp
Additional guitar by Mike Puwal
16. Manic Depressive   3:18
17. Real Underground Baby Backing Vocals: Michelle Rapp
Edited by Violent J
Mixed by ICP
Scratches: Shaggy 2 Dope
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