Release: October 31, 2000


General info

One of the two CD's released on Halloween 2000. Some believe that the two albums were made just to get off of Island Records, others believe it was to win a bet with Sharon Osbourne made after Jeckel Brothers released. Either way it's a new style for ICP. A more, happy style. The alternative cover was given away in the box set only available at Hallowicked 2000.

Packaging: Comes with 3D booklet and glasses.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

01. Intro 1:55
02. Bizzar 3:36
03. Cherry Pie (I Need A Freak) 4:33
04. Questions 5:44
05. Mr. Happy 4:43
06. Radio Stars 4:33
07. My Axe 3:52
08. If 3:39
09. Let's Go All the Way 3:35
10. Let a Killa 4:56
11. Juggalo Paradise 3:41
12. Crystal Ball 22:44
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