The Wraith: Remix Albums

Release: November 14, 2006

Label: Psychopathic Records (PSY-4062)

General info

The liner notes from the CD best describe this remix album: "We asked some of the underground's all time greatest for their help in remixing Shangri-La and Hell's Pit. We can't thank them enough for the incredible amounts of magic they laid down for us. May the underground roll together forever!"

Features songs from The Wraith: Shangri-La, and The Wraith: Hell's Pit, with every song remixed. "It Rains Diamonds" is tied in with "Bitch Slappaz", although it only lists "It Rains Diamonds" on the track listing.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

Disc 1 - Shangri-La

01. Walk Into Thy Light (Mike E. Clark Remix) 4:20
02. Welcome to the Show (Kuma Remix) 3:18
03. Get Ya Wicked On (Wolfpac Remix) 2:24
04. Murder Rap (FILTHEE Immigrant Remix) 3:04
05. Birthday Bitches (Kuma Remix) 1:43
06. Blaaam!!! (Tino Gross Remix) 4:01
07. It Rains Diamonds / Bitch Slappaz (Kuma Remix) 5:19
08. Thy Staleness (Fritz The Cat Remix) 3:58
09. Hell's Forecast (Mike E. Clark Remix) 4:08
10. Juggalo Homies (Mike E. Clark Remix) 3:37
11. We Belong (Kottonmouth Kings Remix) 2:54
12. Cotton Candy & Popsicles (FILTHEE Immigrants Remix) 4:10
13. Crossing thy Bridge (Kuma Remix) 4:48
14. Thy Raven's Mirror (Fritz The Cat Remix) 3:20
15. Thy Wraith (Tino Gross Remix) 3:47

Disc 2 - Hell's Pit

01. Walk into the Darkness (Mike E. Clark Remix) 4:37
02. Suicide Hotline (Monoxide Remix) 3:03
03. C.P.K.'s (Mike E. Clark Remix) 3:09
04. Truly Alone (Kuma Remix) 3:36
05. Everyday I Die (Mike E. Clark Remix) 3:15
06. The Witch (Tech N9ne, Seven and Robert Rebeck Remix) 3:23
07. Bowling Balls (Monoxide Remix) 3:20
08. 24 (DJ Clay Remix) 2:16
09. Burning Up (Mike E. Clark Remix) 3:52
10. Sedatives (Fritz The Cat Remix) 2:36
11. In My Room (Wolfpac Remix) 4:10
12. Angels Falling (Kottonmouth Kings Remix) 3:42
13. Manic Depressive (Fritz The Cat Remix) 3:03
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