Hell's Pit Vinyl

Release: March 08, 2019

Label: Psychopathic Records

General info

This is a gold with black smoke vinyl version of the jokers card Hell's Pit.

Tracklist (click for the lyrics)

A1. Intro 1:31
A2. Walk Into The Darkness 3:26
A3. Suicide Hotline 3:34
A4. C.P.k.'s 2:49
A5. Truly Alone 3:56
B1. Everyday I Die 3:25
B2. The Night Of The 44 3:02
B3. The Witch 3:20
B4. Bowling Balls 3:30
B5. 24 2:16
C1. Burning Up 3:36
C2. Sedatives 3:00
C3. In My Room 3:53
C4. Basehead Attack 4:18
D1. Angels Falling 3:25
D2. Manic Depressive 3:18
D3. Real Underground Baby 12:38
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