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Word Explanation
Jagged Joe Joe Bruce's JJ Boys rapping name
Jamie Madrox Member of Psychopathic Record's Twiztid and third member of Dark Lotus . His real name is James Spaniolo.
JCW Short for Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Jeffery Dahmer Sadistic serial killer often mentioned in ICP's songs. Jeffery Dahmer would abduct young boys, kill them, then have sex with the corpses. He dismembered the bodies, taking photos of his progress. Dahmer often kept "trophies" of his victims, by preserving skulls and penises in famalgahide. As for the remaining parts, he'd dissolve them and flush them down the toilet. This continued for serveral years, and his victim count multiplied by dozens.
JIT Acronym for "Juggalo In Training"
JJ Boys Childhood rap group formed by the future Insane Clown Posse. Consisted of Joe, Joey, and Joey's brother John.
Joe & Joey Records Phoney record label created by Joe Bruce and Joey Utsler, so they could use copyrighted beats. This way, if the victimized artists wanted to sue them for stealing, they wouldn't be able to get a dime. The phoney label is legally penniless.
Jokers Cards Six albums that tell the messages of the Dark Carnival.
Juggaho/Juffalo A person who acts like/pretends to be a juggalo.
Juggalo Believer of the Dark Carnival, big fan of one of any Psychopathic Records artists
Juggalette Female Juggalo
Juggalo Championship Wrestling Psychopathic Records own wrestling organization that has fought against WCW and WWF
Juggalo Rydas Gang of all the Juggalos who wear the Hatchet
Juggaloco Juggalo gone insane
Juggalo Island A fantasy place from the song Juggalo Island. A permanent gathering location for juggalos and juggalettes
Juggaloism Being a true Juggalo when you live by the hatchet
Juggalugalocoro Crazy ass down Juggalo. Used in Hokus Pokus (Great Milenko) and Murder Go Ground (Ringmaster)
Jumpsteady A Psychopathic Records Artist/Employee who's real name is Rob Bruce and real life Brother of Violent J. Speculation is that he, is also Evil Dead of JCW under a stupid halloween mask. Rob also is the brains behind The Gathering Of The Juggalos.
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