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Word Explanation
Red Neck A person from Southern U.S. Most are Farmers or Farm keeper, Also known for there Bad English accent. Often represented by a Rebel Flag. Most are also Racist.
Richy Evil, selfish person who is wealthy
Ringmaster One who directs the performances in a circus ring. In the case of ICP, your afterlife is kinda like the circus ring.
Rouleau, Chris Blaze Ya Dead Homie's real name
Royal Oak Township Poor, dangerous area that borders Detroit, MI; similar to Compton. Also know as The Township
Rude Boy Life long homie of Joe & Joey. First introduced them to Delray.
Runnin' With A Hatchet Saying when you live your life by the word of Psychopathic
Ryda A down ass juggalo or juggalette who is down to ride for you or with you.
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