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Word Explanation
Mack Daddy Ladies man
Madrox, Jamie Member of Psychopathic group Twiztid. Third member of Dark Lotus.
Maggalo A maggot of Slipknot fan who is also a Juggalo
Mainstream Artists in the music industry that became famous by either knowing or being signed on by someone already famous, and did nothing else to get where they are today.
Majik Recordz A Sub-Label of Psychopathic Records started and run by Psychopathic's Twiztid. This project has been canned, or at least put on hold for the time being
Marz Former Psychopathic Records Artist, was part of Dark Lotus before having a "Falling-out" with the rest of the Label.
MCL Much Clown Love
MFL Much Family Love
MMFWCL Much Motha Fucking Wicked Clown Love
Mile Roads How Detroit is divided up by "class." The higher the number mile, the farther from Detroit. 5-8 Mile are in Detroit city limits. 8-10 Mile are trashy suburbs. 10 Mile on up are safe suburbs.
Monoxide Child Another Member of Psychopathic Record's Twiztid and fourth member of Dark Lotus. His real name is Paul Methric.
Moonshine Homemade booze
Morton's List Controversial game created by Rob Bruce and two others. Said to be the end to boredom.
Muggalo Someone who is not a juggalo
Murder Clown A pimp ass ninja
Murder Go Round ICP's version of a Merry Go Round. The Murder Go Round is like kharma. If you kill (or hurt) someone, one of the victim's homies will come back around and return the favor.
Muthafack-O Mother fucker. Said by J a lot in Big Money Hustlas.
Myzery Myzery is a former Psychopathic Records Artist from Puerto Rico, who moved to the South Bronx when he was young. He has been featured on many ICP songs, and has his own Psychopathic Records release entitled "Para La Isla", which means "For the Island" in Spanish. Myzery was released from the Label, because of his having too much of an "Eastside" sound.
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