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Word Explanation
Necromancy Style of magic using the dead. Pretending to communicate with the dead and predict the future by the dead telling you.
Necrophilia Sexual activities with the deceased: usually with dead bitches.
Neden The holy spot of a Juggalette (also see Cotton Candy)
Pussy, Cotton Candy, Cunt, Vagina, Cherry Pie, Beaver, Bush, Clit, Pink Fun, Pink Cookie, etc.
Ninja Warrior in Japanese culture, a warrior for the Dark Carnival, assassin, down ass Juggalos
Ninjalo A Ninja and Juggalo
Ninjette Female Ninja
Nizzos Testicles, balls, nuts, grapefruits
Nugbone The neck region of your body.
Nugget Your head, your melon
Nutt Semen, cum
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