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Word Explanation
Wack Crazy, weird
Wagon Takes souls to their resting place; Shangri-La or Hell
Wang Penis, dick, popsicle, corn dog
Wax Museum Place in the Dark Carnival where evil souls are on display. They belong to the corpses who were once living before entering The Carnival, and travel with it for all the newbies to see.
Whoop Whoop A greeting such as "What's up?". A way to show love to performers or wrestlers. Used between juggalos to call eachother.
Wicked Clowns Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Another nickname for ICP.
Wicked Shit Horrorcore music, music by Psychopathic Records artists or any other juggalo music
Wig Split To crack your head in half
Witch Term of fear or evil demon
Wolf Metalhead
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