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Word Explanation
Picker Forest Undeveloped plot of land in Oak Park, Michigan, where Joe Bruce and his brother hung out while they were kids. This is where Joe believes he first experienced the power of the Dark Carnival.
Phat Great
Pink Eye An eye infection condition from eating to much Cotton Candy.
Popsicle Wang, penis, dick, corn dog
Project Born This was the first group signed by Psychopathic Records but were soon dropped due to poor album sales and inner business conflicts, but ICP and Project Born are still homies. They were speculated to re-sign to Psychopathic but, over time the talks/deal has fallen through.
Props Recognition, support, thank yous
Psychopathic Records Underground record label that was founded in 1991 by Joe Bruce, Joey Utsler and Alex Abbiss
Psychopathic Rydas Group of Psychopathic artists that create bootleg versions of already made songs, with a Psychopathic twist of course.
Psychopachick, Suffercate, and Diamacher As you might have noticed, these are words that are used by Psychopathic rappers that are usually slurred, which makes them sound like the way they are spelled phonetically.
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